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Eggplant White Truffle

Eggplant White Truffle - Package of 260 gr

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  • INGREDIENTS: Eggplants, extra virgin olive oil,

    White truffle oil, spices, garlic, parsley, oregano, pepper, salt.

    USE: Our pickles garden produce, things that make great dishes

    everyday. Ideal for appetizers and side dishes.

    All our products have a shelf life of two years.

    They are made by hand by ourselves using the best


    Do not keep it or coloring preservatives.

  • Confezione Glass
    Annata 2016
    Regione Campania
    Valori medi per 100 gr
    KCal 55
    Kj 229
    Proteine (Nx 6,25) 3,5g
    Carboitrati 3,3 gr
    Zuccheri 3,3 gr
    Grassi 2,3 gr
    Grassi Saturi 0,1 gr
    Sale 0,25 gr
    Fibre Alimentari 3,4 gr

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