Fresh Black Truffle

Black winter truffles Fresh - "Tuber Mesentericum Vitt" 200 gr

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  • black truffle called "Tuber Mesentericum vitt", ordinary black truffle or Bagnoli grade with superior size to 10 grams.

    All of our truffles are fresh and freshly gathered directly in the land of origin of the best truffles of Mount feverfew, this guarantees, both from the point of view of quality of taste and flavor, the best product in circulation, in fact, have nothing to do with products coming from other countries.


    The maturity period of Tuber Mesentericum Vitt, starts from September 1 through April 15, the first course of the season will have a pulp, being less mature, it will be more clear, with marbled appearance, while the To advance of the season, in right maturity will turn more on the brown. His zest and smooth and warty, black. Its development is often associated with Beech trees.

  • ConfezionePolystyrol
    DenominazioneTartufo nero Invernale ( Tuber Mesentericum Vittad.)
    Zona di ProduzioneAlta Irpinia

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